Space oddity

(City of Vancouver Archives)

A little while back, for a reason I can’t recall, I stumbled onto the amazingly well-digitized collection of the British Columbia Sugar Refining Company records at the City of Vancouver Archives. Their laboratory records, in particular, are going to be a huge help.

But by far the best thing I found was filed under “Collected Artworks“: this cartoon of an astronaut in an early-60s capsule radioing mission control to say he’d spotted a 10-pound bag of sugar floating in orbit.

All the accompanying information said was that it was published in the Vancouver Sun by an artist named Len Norris, so I had to burn my free week’s trial to to figure out what on earth (sorry) this was about. It turns out it’s a joke about sky-high (sorry again) sugar prices.

Here’s part of Page 1 from Thursday, May 16, 1963:

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